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Why did Pakistan lose to India in its opening match of the Asia Cup 2022?

Why did Pakistan lose to India in its opening match of the Asia Cup 2022? This is the question every cricket fan wants to know. Here are 5 main reasons behind Pakistan’s loss of their arch-rival India.

Pakistan lose to India

Earlier on Sunday, Hardik Pandya’s exceptional all-round performance helps India to win a nail-biter against their arch-rivals Pakistan in the Group A encounter of the Asia Cup.

At the Dubai International Stadium, Pandya showed nerve of steel and led India to a thrilling five-wicket victory with two balls to spare, over Pakistan.

Expert’s thoughts

There are many opinions about Pakistan’s loss. Some experts say that Nawaz should not be bowled last over. Some say that poor captaincy and poor fielding cost the match. Others say that Pakistan should play an extra fast bowler.

In my opinion, the following are the 5 main reasons behind Pakistan’s loss.

1- Toss

Yes, the toss is a key at Dubai cricket stadium. Toss always plays an important role in t20 because teams like to chase these days. Teams want to know about the target and the pitch conditions and play accordingly.

Pakistan paid a high price for misreading the offered pitch conditions. The experts predicted that 180 would be a good total on the field before the game began, but the actual playing conditions showed a different image. It shouldn’t have been an issue if Pakistan had maintained 160 as its ultimate aim.

After a sluggish start, the batters were trapped in a loop and started looking for boundaries rather than taking calculated risks and maintaining the scoreboard ticking. All four strong batters, Khushdil Shah, Asif Ali, Shadab Khan, and Mohammad Nawaz, attempted to hit big shots to boost the scoreboard but were unable due to a challenging pitch and got out cheaply.

2- Fitness Issues

Pakistan had serious concerns about the players’ fitness when their bowlers cramped up during crucial moments of the game. Fast bowlers Haris Rauf and Naseem Shah were the next to suffer fatigue after wicketkeeper Mohammad Rizwan.

The Men in Green are familiar with the heat in the UAE, so cramping up during a crucial game shouldn’t worry these top athletes. Pakistan’s bowlers ultimately failed to give their 100% because of their lack of fitness.

Why did Pakistan lose to India in its opening match of the Asia Cup 2022?
Naseem Shah | Pakistan

Rizwan appeared to be having issues as well and allowed a few extras to pass that should have been prevented. In the dying moments, the Indian batters were able to release the pressure and finally secure the victory because of Rizwan’s poor glove performance and Rauf’s inconsistent line and length.

3- Middle-order Failure

Pakistan’s innings depend heavily on the top order. Usually, the top order batsman; Babar, Rizwan, and Fakhar score more than 50-60% runs of Pakistan’s innings. It is due to middle order failure. That’s why Pakistan follows a conservative strategy and that had an impact on the play. The Men in Green presented a hesitant demeanor and showed no initiative, which contributed to 15–25 runs being short.

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While Babar and Rizwan have excelled as openers in the game’s shortest format, their early exit exposed the middle order batting failure. If necessary, the star all-rounder Shadab Khan, who has demonstrated his bat skills in the Pakistan Super League (PSL), should be used higher up the order.

Iftikhar, Asif, Khushdil, Shadab, and Nawaz all failed on the big stage.

On the other hand, the Indian middle order is experienced and reliable. After top-order failure, Jadeja and Pandya made a good partnership and won the match for India.

Why did Pakistan lose to India in its opening match of the Asia Cup 2022?
The middle order won the match for India

4- Slow Over Rate

Due to their slow over rate, the Pakistan team was also forced to bowl with one additional fielder within the circle from the 17th over onward. Speaking of slow over rates, the skipper should have controlled the bowlers even though this happened because of several breaks brought on by the injuries of multiple players.

Iftikhar or Khushdil may have been used during the middle phase to avoid the penalty.

5- Off-spinner should bowl to Jadeja

Wasim believed that Babar had miscalculated when he held back spinner Muhammad Nawaz for the last over.

But I think Babar should be brought in off-spinner Iftikhar Ahmad for at least 1-2 overs when left-hander Jadeja was batting. It could change the game and solve the problem for the last over calculation for Babar.

However, the players should be pleased with the way they fought and nearly pulled victory from the jaws of loss by fighting until the last end. Pakistan will be taking revenge and will aim to beat India in the super 4 round.

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In your opinion, What was the reason behind Pakistan’s loss?

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