Top five T20I players of Adam Gilchrist

Top five T20I players of Adam Gilchrist

Cricketing legend from Australia, Adam Gilchrist, has revealed the top five T20I players he would pick for his World T20I XI.

He picked Hardik Pandya from India and David Warner from Australia in his top five World T20I players alongside Rashid Khan of Afghanistan, Babar Azam of Pakistan, and Jos Buttler from England.

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Adam Gilchrist

Gilchrist had a remarkable white-ball career for Australia, winning three Cricket World Cups. He revolutionized the game with his work with both the bat and wicket-keeping gloves.

With a strike rate of above 140 in the T20 game, Gilchrist demonstrated his abilities in the early days of the format.

Gilchrist, who is now a Fox Cricket commentator, has supervised a significant amount of T20 cricket. He selected the top five T20I players from five different nations.

1. David Warner (Australia)

Australia veteran is generally a much better player when playing on home soil. Only Pakistan captain Babar Azam scored more runs than Warner at last year’s t20 world cup.

Top five T20I players of Adam Gilchrist
David Warner | Australia

“He’s at the top of the order,” Gilchrist said.

“I think just his attacking attitude, the way he kick-starts innings at the top, and the confidence he’ll have from the previous T20 World Cup.”

2. Babar Azam | Pakistan

Babar Azam was not performing well in the Asia Cup 2022 but he is getting the momentum that his team needs in the World cup 2022.

Top five T20I players of Adam Gilchrist
Babar Azam | Pakistan

“His versatility across all formats, but also when it’s getting down to T20 cricket, just across all conditions, I think he can play all conditions really well,” Gilchrist said.

3. Hardik Pandya | India

“Pandya is just an awesome figure straight across the board,” Gilchrist said.

“His ability to bat, bowl, field, and entertain, he’s definitely in there.”

Top five T20I players of Adam Gilchrist
Hardik Pandya | India

He’s back bowling, and at 140kph which he was doing four or five years ago. But his batting and his maturity while batting has come on in leaps and bounds.

He understands the game better and he understands his game better than ever before right now he’s probably the best all-rounder in the world in T20 cricket, and could potentially be in ODI cricket.

4. Rashid Khan | Afghanistan

“He’s just got to be there in any T20 team, doesn’t he?” Gilchrist said.

“Cricketer of the year in this format across the world. Over the last decade, Rashid Khan is in there.”

Top five T20I players of Adam Gilchrist
Rashid Khan | Afghanistan

His wicket-taking ability over a long period of time, but also the fact that his economy rate in the T20 game is just outstanding.

When you’re playing against any team that he’s playing in you probably have less sleep that night than you do for any other game that you play during the year.

5. Jos Buttler | England

“It’s a bit batting heavy I know, but Jos Buttler for me,” Gilchrist added.

“He is just dynamic, his power and his courage to take it on. Simply a stroke of brilliance from him and it’s game over.”

Top five T20I players of Adam Gilchrist
Jos Buttler | England

He was one of the people who’s an out-and-out match-winner as we saw with last year’s IPL, making three or four hundred, which was quite remarkable.

His batting went to another level in the last year or so.

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