The SLC will launch its T10 league in June 2023.

Sri Lanka Cricket has penciled in the launch of its inaugural T10 league in June 2023. Titled the Lanka T10 League, the tournament will also host both the men’s and women’s tournaments in the same slot for the first time – meaning the matches will be held “simultaneously” possibly on alternate days, although the SLC is yet to divulge details.

The SLC also announced that six men’s teams and four women’s teams would participate, each named after a Sri Lankan city – as in the Lankan Premier League.

While the exact dates and venues are yet to be finalised, venues such as Kandy and Hambantota are expected to likely host the matches, while SLC is expected to register over 1,600 players, the largest of the Abu Dhabi T10 League. The most recent number was The player draft is yet to be announced.

Each team will be allowed a 16-man squad with a maximum of six foreign players.

The tournament will be held over 12 days in June next year. However, going forward it is understood that the SLC will consider holding it in December, with the LPL set for the August window.

“Next year we will still have the LPL in December, but going forward we have reserved a window for it in August,” said SLC CEO Ashley De Silva. “So for next year, we will have the Lanka T10 in June and the LPL in December, but from 2024 onwards, the T10 tournament will run in December and the LPL in August.”

Sri Lanka has long been a supporter of T10 cricket, being the first full member to sanction and endorse its players to participate in the Abu Dhabi T10 League. It has since been followed by the cricket boards of West Indies, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

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