Shane Watson picks two Pakistani stars in his list of "Top Five World T20I Players"

Shane Watson picks two Pakistani stars in his list of “Top Five World T20I Players”

Cricketing legend from Australia, Shane Watson, has revealed the first five players he would pick for his World T20I XI. Watson picks Babar and Shaheen in his top five World T20I players alongside Suryakumar Yadav of India, David Warner of Australia, and Jos Buttler of England.

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Shane Watson

Watson is widely considered to be one of Australia’s all-time greatest white-ball players. The brilliant all-rounder bolstered his reputation by playing in domestic T20 competitions all over the world for more than a decade.

Watson, at 41 years old, has switched to coaching in an effort to produce the best limited-overs players in the world. He is currently working as an assistant coach with the Delhi Capitals of the Indian Premier League.

Watson uses the coaching role to keep a close eye on the best T20I players around the world and is actively waiting for the ICC T20 World Cup in Australia later this year.

When asked by host Sanjana Ganesan on the most recent episode of The ICC Review who Watson would pick as the starting XI for the World Twenty20 in Australia, Watson spoke about his top five players.

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1. Babar Azam | Pakistan

ICC T20I Batting Ranking: 1

“First one I’d pick would be Babar Azam,” Watson said. “He’s the No.1 T20I batsman in the world, and he just knows how to dominate.

“It’s like he’s not even taking any risks, and he scores incredibly quickly against the best bowlers in the world.

“He’s going to do very well in Australian conditions (during the T20 World Cup) as well, as his technique is very much built for Australian conditions.”

Shane Watson picks two Pakistani stars in his list of "Top Five World T20I Players"
Babar Azam

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2. Suryakumar Yadav | India

ICC T20I Batting Ranking: 2

“Second one is Suryakumar Yadav,” Watson noted. “He’s batting incredibly well, and he would be my No.2 pick.

“But I wouldn’t be surprised at all if (India team-mate) KL Rahul explodes in the T20 World Cup in Australia because he’s got the game to dominate in these conditions in Australia.”

Shane Watson picks two Pakistani stars in his list of "Top Five World T20I Players"
Suryakumar Yadav

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3. David Warner | Australia

ICC T20I Batting Ranking: 40

“No.3 is David Warner,” Watson said.

“He won the Player of the Tournament in the last men’s T20 World Cup, with the Aussies winning, and has scored some great runs for the Delhi Capitals (in the IPL) as well.

“He’s going to have plenty of fire in his belly to make his mark in a T20 World Cup at home, so he’s going to be ready to go.”

4. Jos Buttler | England

ICC T20I Batting Ranking: 17

“No.4 for me is going to be Jos Buttler,” Watson said. “During the IPL, well a lot of times anyway, no one could get him out.

“Four hundred has only been done once before in an IPL, with Virat Kohli doing that (in 2016).

“When he’s in form, and he has been in form, he’s just about impossible in T20 cricket to get out. He can hit wherever he wants off the best bowlers in the world.

“And he knows Australian conditions really well, he’s played the Big Bash and did very well a few years ago, when I played with him at the Sydney Thunder.

“So Jos Buttler is going to dominate.”

5. Shaheen Afridi | Pakistan

ICC T20I Bowling Ranking: 13

“And the last one is Shaheen Afridi,” Watson said. “His wicket-taking ability is something special.

“We saw in the last men’s T20 World Cup his ability to be able to get the best batsmen out with that brand new ball. I’d be very surprised if he doesn’t really dominate in Australian conditions, with the ball swinging around and fast, bouncy wickets.

“My only a little concern with him is, if he doesn’t take wickets to start with, then he can tail off a little bit.

“But I’m sure he’s been working on that. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t dominate here.”

Shane Watson picks two Pakistani stars in his list of "Top Five World T20I Players"
Shaheen Afridi ruled out from Asia Cup

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