Most Sixes in Cricket History

Most Sixes in Cricket History

Hitting a six is always a treat to watch. It makes sense why blockbuster hitting captivates audiences and creates conversation for years to come. It’s interesting to note that a number of former cricket players and analysts have argued that such massive hits need extra praise. However, these arguments have never held any weight. Let’s have a look at the most sixes ever hit in international cricket across the formats. Remember that the sixes from domestics or t20 leagues will not be included in this list.

Some international cricket innings have gone down in history as legendary performances. And what distinguished these innings? Yes! There are sixes! Every cricket fan enjoys watching the ball soar into the crowd. And the cricket sensation is always the batsman who launches the ball the farthest into the stands.

Importance of hitters in Cricket History

In contemporary cricket, hitting a six is regarded as one of the most game-changing skills a hitter might have. The importance of big-hitters today cannot be overstated, especially given that limited-overs cricket has virtually replaced the traditional five-day long format as the sport’s preferred format. These days, every team needs at least one good hitter of the ball to win limited over matches, especially in T20I.

Following that, below is a list of the international cricket batsmen who have hit the most sixes

Most Sixes in Cricket History
The data in the list is correct as of 08/16/2022

1- Chris Gayle | 553 sixes

The powerful West Indies opener made his international debut in 1999 and has mostly dealt sixes. With 553 sixes from 483 games in all three formats of international cricket, Chris Gayle holds the record for the most sixes ever. As a result, the Universe Boss has scored 3,318 of his 19,594 total runs on sixes alone.

In 103 Test matches, 301 ODIs, and 79 T20Is, Chris Gayle has struck 98 sixes, 331 ODI sixes, and 124 T20I sixes respectively.

2-  Rohit Sharma | 477 sixes

Rohit Sharma, a star Indian opener, is well known for his easy six-hitting skills. Among active players, he has a great chance to top the list of most sixes. Sharma made his debut in 2007 and has since played 410 games and scored 477 sixes. Sharma, who is rightly known as the “Hitman,” has scored 2,862 of his current 16,000 runs in sixes.

In the 45 Test matches that Rohit Sharma has played thus far, he has struck 64 sixes. Unsurprisingly, his record improves in limited-overs cricket, where he has struck 163 sixes in 132 T20Is and 250 in 233 ODIs. Rohit Sharma has made the most sixes among active players.

3- Shahid Afridi | 476 sixes

Another person who like to only score in maximums was the former Pakistan all-rounder. Middle-order batsman Shahid Afridi, who made his international debut in 1996, played in 524 games. Afridi scored 2,856 of his 11,196 runs, or 476 of his total 476 sixes, on the international stage.

Afridi only participated in 27 Test matches during his career, yet he still managed to hit 52 sixes. However, in the 50-over format, where he scored an astounding 351 sixes in 398 ODIs, his six-hitting prowess was most apparent. He also played brilliantly in the twenty-over format, where in 99 T20 Internationals, Afridi smashed 73 sixes.

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4- Brendon McCullum | 398 Sixes

Brendon McCullum, a New Zealand wicketkeeper-batsman, has smashed 398 sixes in 474 innings. McCullum, who is known for his clean hitting, revived New Zealand’s assault from 2004 to 2016. With his explosiveness, Brendon McCullum, a vicious ball striker, could terminate a game within a blink of an eye. Although he was furious, he was also fairly brave and frequently danced to the fastest bowlers in cricket.

He achieved 200 sixes in ODIs, becoming the first Kiwi to do so. In his 70 T20I innings, he has smashed 91 sixes. During his Test career, he made 107 sixes and was renowned for his six-hitting prowess.

5- Martin Guptill | 380 sixes

Martin Guptil adjusted his strategy to play aggressively, following his fellow opener Brendon McCullum. This adjustment enabled him to hit long sixes and get into the top 10 list of sixes-hitting players. He keeps providing the Kiwis with the scorching fireworks they need to win in restricted overs cricket.

In 360 matches, Guptill struck 381 sixes, 23 sixes in text, and 186 sixes came in one-day international play. With 171 sixes, he holds the record for the most sixes in the shortest format of international cricket.

6- Mahendra Singh Dhoni | 359 Sixes

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the most prolific wicket-keeper and captain of India is ranked 6th with 359 sixes. He attracted everyone’s notice as he scored 183 runs against Sri Lanka while hitting 10 sixes. Dhoni, who was hailed as the greatest finisher of the twenty-first century, played in 538 international matches and struck 359 sixes. He held the record for the most sixes a wicket-keeper has ever hit in an innings.

Dhoni, who just announced his retirement from international cricket, smashed 52 sixes in t20i and 229 ODI sixes. In addition, he has hit 78 sixes in 90 career Test matches.

7- Sanath Jayasuriya | 352 Sixes

Sanath Jayasuriya changed people’s perceptions by targetting bowlers in the first 15 overs of playing ODIs in 1996. The only Sri Lankan on the list had a career-high 651 innings with 352 sixes. He smashed 11 sixes while scoring 134 runs in 1996 off of 65 balls. In 2008, West Indian Xavier Marshall broke the record for the most sixes hit in a single inning.

He has scored 270 sixes in ODIs, 59 in Tests, and 23 in T20 Internationals.

8- Eoin Morgan | 346 Sixes

Eoin Morgan began his career playing for Ireland before switching to England in 2009. In 361 innings, he has hit 346 sixes, including 18 for Ireland. He currently owns the record for most sixes in an inning. Morgan smashed 17 sixes in his 148 runs off 71 balls against Afghanistan at the 2019 ICC World Cup.

He has scored 120 sixes in 115 T20Is he has played for England. Unexpectedly, Morgan has only hit 6 sixes in tests while hitting 220 sixes in ODIs.

9- AB de Villiers | 328 Sixes

Mr. 360! AB de Villiers was a unique individual who during his career used to smash sixes all over the field. He established a record for being the player to score the fastest century in a game against the West Indies in 2015 by scoring 149 off 31 balls while smashing 16 sixes. He terrified bowlers so much that they would be lost for words the moment he entered the middle. It would be an understatement to say that AB de Villiers was a superb ball striker, but he was also a cricketing genius who used his pyrotechnics to make the game incredibly interesting.

He ended up hitting 328 sixes in his 484 international innings. He has struck 204 sixes in ODIs, 64 in Tests, and 60 in Twenty20 Internationals.

10- Jos Buttler | 275 Sixes

He made his debut for his country in late 2011 and quickly established himself in England’s T20 team. A delicate flip shot for six over long-on and the sporadic use of a nerveless ramp shot over the wicketkeeper are two of Buttler’s most eye-catching shots in an imaginative repertoire. Buttler kills opposing assaults with gentleness.
Perhaps their first international Twenty20 superstar is Jos Buttler. Buttler’s contributions with the bat and the gloves were essential to England’s Super-Over victory in the final and his impact on the one-day and T20 teams was extraordinary as they turned a World Cup group-stage exit in 2015 into a victory on home soil four years later. Buttler helped bring England’s limited-overs batting into the 21st century.

He has scored 96 sixes in 94 T20Is he has played for England. Unexpectedly, Buttler has only hit 33 sixes in tests while hitting 146 sixes in ODIs.

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