Major League Cricket is scheduled to begin in Dallas in July 2023.

After years of delays, the first season of Major League Cricket has been announced for July 13-30, 2023 with a newly renovated venue outside Dallas, Texas serving as the primary venue for the 18-day tournament. has been announced. The announcement coincided with the installation of a turf square at Grand Prairie Stadium, further renovations to complete the conversion from a minor league baseball ground to a 7,200 permanent seat facility (expandable to 15,000 with temporary seats). With the work of Formerly known as the Airhogs Stadium, it is expected to be completed as a full-time cricket venue by spring next year.

“Next summer, the eyes of world cricket will be on the launch of Major League Cricket, with the stars of the game competing for three weeks of fast-paced T20 action,” said MLC Tournament Director Justin Gayle. “The launch of the MLC will transform American cricket and provide the best platform for the world’s top players to showcase their talents in the game, as well as domestic talent to stand out in the league. It will also accelerate the growth of

A lease for the Grand Prairie facility was first acquired by MLC in November 2020 with renovations initially expected to be completed by early 2022. more than a year.

Demolition and redevelopment of Grand Prairie Stadium finally began in July 2022 and continues apace to have it ready by next spring and make it the main venue for the competition. This means that the organizers now believe that 2023 is the right time to kick things off and have chosen a window that they believe will be in agreement with both the CPL and the Hundred. Avoid any kind of collision. The opportunity to play at a ground that is in the running for matches in the 2024 T20 World Cup, co-hosted by the USA and the West Indies, is also expected to attract foreign professionals on the franchise circuit. will attract to play in the first season of MLC.

Earlier this year, MLC hired Dave Agnew as head curator to oversee the development of Cricket Square at Grand Prairie Stadium and also serve as a consultant for the development of other MLC facilities in the works. The Australian has previously served as head curator at the CPL and Global T20 Canada and has also worked as a consultant at Church Street Park in Morrisville, North Carolina, which hosted the Minor League Cricket T20 Championship. It has hosted the first two tournament finals. Feeder competition at MLC.

“Grand Prairie Stadium will be the best cricket venue in the United States when it’s completed,” said Grand Prairie Mayor Ron Jensen. “This venue will be a great asset to the Grand Prairie community, bringing Major League Cricket, international cricket and potentially the 2024 ICC T20 Men’s World Cup to Grand Prairie and providing fans with a world-class experience.” will get a chance to experience the game of

The first season of the MLC will be held in a single-round-robin format with 15 league matches between six franchises before a four-match play-off stage. In addition to Dallas, MLC has previously announced that franchises will be established in Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington DC, San Francisco and New York City. The Knight Riders Group has already come in to own a Los Angeles franchise with a proposal for a 10,000-seat location in Orange County.

However, the Orange County location has yet to be finalized, let alone a broken-down arena, and stadium plans in other cities are also on hold. This means MLC organizers can use the same site in Grand Prairie for the entire 2023 season. It’s an approach that was similarly used for the Canadian stage of the Global T20 in 2018 and 2019, with all matches played in suburban Toronto even though franchises were invited from cities across Canada.

Unlike many other big-ticket cricket events held in Canada and the US, the Global T20 has been scheduled for an early morning start time to accommodate the Indian prime-time TV audience, sources said. The intention is to use floodlights at the facility to hold most matches at night. This will allow for more comfortable playing conditions in the Texas summer heat and encourage more fans to support the event at the ground.

Sources have also indicated that Church Street Park in North Carolina could potentially be used as a venue for some MLC matches in 2023. Although no franchise has been named for North Carolina, the venue has demonstrated consistently strong fan support for local cricket since hosting. 2018 ICC Americas Regional T20 World Cup Qualifier and using it for some games will also reduce wear and tear on the Grand Prairie pitches.

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