Jay Richardson’s Rockets, Sydney Thunder’s replacement and Josh Brown’s bushing

Stoins Fireworks Display

Marcus Stoinis ended the year with a bang to emerge from a lean start to the tournament. He had covid during the opening game and scored 0, 0, 4 and 10 in his first four innings. He was then rested for the game against the Sydney Sixers so he could spend Christmas at home in Perth. But he returned to his best form in the traditional New Year’s Eve match at Adelaide Oval when he thrashed the Strikers for 74 off 35 balls, including Henry Thornton’s most expensive over of the season so far. The price was 29. While they are going and something was amazing. However, there was a hint of controversy with the home side claiming that time should have run out and the bowler was allowed to go on the stumps under the brilliant playing conditions of the BBL.

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