England in Pakistan 2022-23 – England hires team chef amid catering concerns for Test tour

England’s Test team has been short of support staff in the early stages of Brendon McCullum’s tenure as head coach. However, there is a new addition for his upcoming visit to Pakistan – a chef.
The appointment follows his statement on the limited-overs team’s experiences in the country during the seven-match T20I series. Feedback from players and support staff was that the food on offer, particularly at match venues, was inedible, with a handful suffering stomach upsets during certain parts of the tour.

The problems faced were far from severe: no one was ill for long, and England won 4-3 in a thrilling series. However, given the demands of a Test match, the back-to-back nature of the three-match series spanning 21 days at least in three different locations (Rawalpindi, Multan and Karachi) requires supervision of food preparation and tailor menus. Have someone to do. Felt a necessary control for specific needs and tastes. In fact, one of the few regrets Cricket Australia had on their successful tour of Pakistan earlier this year was not taking the chef with them.

The topic of local cuisine came up during the T20 tour when Moeen Ali, as stand-in captain, launched a food culture war between Lahore and Karachi, with a cheeky quip: “In terms of food, I’m a bit So disappointed. Karachi was very good in Lahore. This time Lahore is not on the agenda and Karachi is hosting the 3rd Test, those who want to sample the local cuisine can relax.

ESPNcricinfo understands that Umar Meezan, who worked in a similar role with the England men’s football team during the 2018 World Cup and Euro 2020, will take over the role.

While this move by the Test team will satisfy fussy eaters, it will also make Jack Leach feel more comfortable. The left-arm spinner suffers from Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory bowel disease, and takes immunosuppressants to manage the disease while being strict about what he eats.

On a tour of New Zealand in November 2019, Leach suffered food poisoning so severe that he was hospitalized and developed sepsis. Although he managed to make it to the subsequent Test tour of South Africa, the effects of previous illness meant that he was unable to play any part in the proceedings and left the tour soon after.

While this may be the first time the ECB has employed a chef specifically for a tour, they have had it before when it comes to dining away from home. Before their disastrous 2013-14 Ashes, Sydney Morning Herald A dossier titled “Test Catering Requirements” was captured and distributed to all hosting locations.

There are 194 recipes in 82 pages, ranging from “Moroccan Spiced Chicken Fillets with Lime and Coriander Mayo” to protein-based “Banana and Peanut Bars”, and the description Harold as “modern pretentiousness”. It did nothing to whitewash England 5-0.

Pasta dishes are expected to be a prominent part of Pakistani menus.

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