David Warner’s full statement on his leadership ban review

My family is more important to me than cricket.

Over the past five years or so, from the events of the third Test in Cape Town, even through all the humiliation and attacks they have had to endure, I have had the unwavering support and love of my wife Candace and my wife. Have enjoyed. three daughters, Ivy Mae, Indi Rae, and Isla Rose; They are my world.

After this test and although my ban from leadership roles may never be lifted, I have taken it upon myself to reform, rehabilitate and change my approach to the game.

I have served and suffered a crushing, unprecedented, penalty which has affected me and my family badly for the past almost five years and so far there is no hope of any relief.

On 21 November 2022, Cricket Australia’s Code of Conduct for Players and Player Support Personnel (Code of Conduct) was amended to allow players to apply for modifications to long-term bans.

With the announcement of the amendment to the Code of Conduct, I hoped, and was encouraged, that I would be given a fair opportunity to demonstrate to the Review Panel that I had demonstrated my deep regret and remorse. And that my recovery and transformation is profound.

With the encouragement of administrators and colleagues and in accordance with the rules under the Code of Conduct, on 25 November 2022 I submitted an application to Cricket Australia to amend my lifetime ban from leadership positions in cricket. I did so in good faith with the understanding that the procedures established under the Code of Conduct would be followed.

I hoped that I would be given the opportunity, under the established process and procedures of the Code of Conduct, reflected in Amendments, to demonstrate that I had met the requirements necessary to amend my ban and That I may be allowed to see. Balancing my career without a yoke hanging around my neck and more trouble for my family.

However, despite my and Cricket Australia’s opposition, on Tuesday last week the Assisting Panel and Review Panel decided to establish an irregular procedure (eliminating presumptions and previous practice) and a novel procedure for determining my application. What did An approach that would adversely affect the health and well-being of my family and the interests of the Australian cricket team.

In his submissions, Counsel Assisting made offensive and unhelpful comments about me that had absolutely no substantive purpose under the Code of Conduct.

Regrettably, the Review Panel acted contrary to Cricket Australia’s and my counsel’s submissions and appeared to adopt the counsel assisting position in practice.

Indeed, the counsel assisting, and it appears, to some extent the review panel, wants a public trial of what happened during the third Test at Meera and Newlands. They want a public spectacle to “clean up,” in the words of the panel. I’m not ready to be a washing machine for my family’s dirty cricket laundry.

The code of conduct rules are clear regarding requests like mine. Article 10.7 states that a hearing is not an appeal of the original decision or a new review of the offense.

Counsel assisting the review panel seems determined to revisit the events of March 2018 and the review panel seems determined to further humiliate and harm me and my family by conducting a media circus.

I note that the council assisting engagement was terminated. However, following the interestingly irregular position adopted by the Review Panel, and in the interests of my family and Australian cricket, I submitted an application last Thursday for the Review Panel to reconsider its procedural decision. Review and apply at least one protocol that is consistent with established principles. Procedures and procedures under the Code of Conduct. The petition was supported by Cricket Australia.

After nearly a week to consider the proposal, the Review Panel today decided to ignore the application in any meaningful way and rejected the substantive issues. The panel appears to have given little thought to the issues of player welfare and the interests of Australian cricket and has instead decided on a public lynching.

Regrettably, at this time I have no practical alternative but to withdraw my application. I am not prepared to subject my family or my colleagues to further trauma and disruption by accepting a departure from the Code of Conduct handling of my application.

Few things are more important than cricket.

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