Cricket Australia hit back at Justin Langer’s claims as the coach’s sacking followed

A war of words broke out between Cricket Australia and Justin Langer after CEO Nick Hockley dismissed the former coach’s criticism and came to the defense of the senior players.

Langer attracted front and back page headlines on Wednesday when he criticized the authorities for his sacking in February, while blaming the players for not coming forward with him sooner.

The former coach also claimed that the majority of players supported him, while labeling the media as “cowards” with an agenda over concerns about his extreme nature.

Addressing the Back chat podcast, Langer praised former Test captain Tim Paine’s comments but claimed others, including Pat Cummins and Aaron Finch, should have come forward earlier.

“I talked to Pete Cummins. He said to me about five times, ‘This can be brutally honest,'” Langer recalled. “I said, ‘Pat, there’s nothing brutal about your comments. What’s brutal is that I’m hearing it behind my back from the media or sources’.

“Nobody’s telling me. Tell me. People say I’m too intense, but they’re honestly misunderstanding the intensity.”

The drama coincides with concerns of a rift between current and former players over Langer’s exit, centered on whether the players should have stood by the coach.

Langer insisted that he was not an angry coach, and that the players had misinterpreted his silence and reflection after the loss.

He also claimed that there had been no revolt against him apart from a few loud voices, and was adamant that he deserved an extension of more than six months after his T20 World Cup and Ashes triumphs.

“The hardest thing for me was, I got feedback [and] I did something about it,” Langer said. “We won the T20 World Cup, we won the Ashes. We were number 1 in the world… and I’m still fired. You cannot give feedback to anyone. [they] Do something about it, and then [for] It has to happen.”

After eight months of largely maintaining silence over Langer’s exit, Hockley broke that on Wednesday when he claimed he wanted to “right the wrongs” of the former coach’s comments.

“Regular formal and informal opportunities to provide and receive feedback occurred throughout his tenure, consistent with a high-performance environment,” Hockley said. “After a comprehensive process, Justin was offered a short-term contract extension, which he declined.

“I am disappointed by Justin’s comments which are unfairly critical of some of our players. The playing group know they have my full support.”

The drama comes a week after Australia’s first Test against the West Indies in Perth, where Langer has significant hometown support.

The former coach will also step into the commentary box for the first time alongside Seven, meaning the ghosts of his tenure are likely to haunt the summer.

Langer’s comments are unlikely to go down well with current players, who may be interviewed by their old coaches during broadcasts during the season.

Some people close to the team have claimed that last summer’s success came after Langer stepped back after taking charge of the assistants following mid-year impressions.

There were signs of feedback right at the start of the 2018 Boxing Day Test, after which Usman Khawaja could be seen in it. Test The documentary described Langer’s players as “scared” and “walking on eggshells”.

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