Best Moments in Cricket History

Best Moments In Cricket History

Cricket gives us many significant moments from Cricketing history. It is easy to choose the best moments from a single cricket match or from a single edition of a World Cup but it proves to be a gigantic task when you have to choose the top moments from the complete cricket history. Definitely, there are many more best moments but not selected due to the stretch of this article. Anyway, here are my favorite moments from International cricket history.

Bradman Makes 334 Runs | Record in Cricket History at that Time

Donald Bradman was one of the best cricket players of all time. He is a legend in Australian cricket, and he had many great moments. But he probably did his best work when he scored 334 runs at Headingly in 1930 as part of the Ashes series. This helped Australia beat England and win the series. Even more amazing, he was only 21 years old at the time.

Best moments in Cricket History
Sir Donald George Bradman

1992 World Cup | Jonty Rhodes runs out Inzamam-ul-Haq

Rhodes later said that he tripped on his shoelace when he bent over to take the bails off, but whoa, did he make a splash? Rather a splash!
South Africa’s first international match after being kicked out of international cricket couldn’t have happened at a better time to show what was to come from a team that would later set the standards for fielding in cricket around the world.

Best Moments in Cricket History
Jonty Rhodes | Famous Run Out

Sunil Gavaskar Goes Past Bradman

When Sunil Manohar Gavaskar got a score of 236 on his best Test, he broke a record that had stood for 36 years.
When Bradman hit 173 against a bad England team in his second-to-last Test inning, few people thought anyone would ever be able to beat his record.

But as the sport became more professional, more games were played, and Gavaskar finally passed Bradman in his 99th Test, which would have been unthinkable during Bradman’s time. Since then, many people have reached 30 centuries.

Best Moments in the History of Cricket
Sunil Gavaskar


In a close semi-final, South Africa needed to score 23 runs off of 13 balls to beat the tournament favorites, England, and move on to the final. The players had to leave the field for 12 minutes because of rain, and the target had to be changed because of the weather. The scoreboard showed that the new target, which was hard to believe, was 22 runs from 1 ball. After the end of Apartheid, South Africa was allowed to compete in the World Cup for the first time.

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Shane Warne | The Ball of the Century

Warne’s first delivery against the Old Enemy was the one that changed how the world saw him (at least on the field) and even how leg spin was done.
“Three-quarters of the way down, the ball went straight. Then, as it was spinning wildly, it veered wildly to the leg side. The ball pitched well outside the leg stump and gripped fiercely, turning past Getting’s outside edge to just clip off stump.”
In fact, the world started to become like that annoying little kid, The Greatest There Ever Was!

“The Little Master” Finally Wins The World Cup In 2011

Sachin Tendulkar was India’s best cricket player ever. In 2011, he played in his sixth and last tournament. India beat Sri Lanka to get to the final, which was played in front of Tendulkar’s home crowd in Mumbai. India had to try to beat a difficult score of 275, and their captain, MS Dhoni, led them to victory. As India celebrated, Tendulkar was held high by his teammates in front of an emotional Mumbai crowd. Virat Kholi, another player, said it best when he said, “Tendulkar has carried the weight of a nation for 21 years.” It was time to take him with us.”

Best Moments in Cricket History
Sachin Tendulkar

The underdog wins the World Cup in 1983

Not many people thought West Indies would lose the cup. No one thought India would win at all. It changed the course of international cricket forever.
Without this win, India would never have become interested in the sport, and we all know what that would mean, especially in terms of money.
When India won, a sport took over the whole country. And, as they say, the rest is history.
Cricket wasn’t something that should be linked to the word “commercialization.” Now, they might as well be the same thing.

Best moments in Cricket History
Indian Squad | 1983 Cricket World Cup

The Birth of the Ashes

The Ashes is a famous tournament between Australia and England. Over the years, it has given us many moments to remember. But it all started in 1882 when the Australian national team beat the English team on English soil. At the time, this was seen as so bad that it was called the end of English cricket. Since then, the two teams have met every two years to fight over the ashes and the glory.

Wasim Akram: 500 | Record in Cricket History at that Time

Pakistan is where fast bowlers come from. So, it’s only fair that the best left-arm bowler of the modern game comes from the holy land of the five rivers.
If there was ever any question about how important Akram was, that question was answered when he became the first bowler to take 500 wickets in One Day International.
In a sport where bowlers are treated like dirt, Akram was the most dangerous because of his speed and swing.
Muralidaran is right behind him, but the only person to score two hat-tricks in ODIs will never be forgotten.

Best Moments in the cricket History
Wasim Akram

Start of the Streak

Two things were very clear after the 1999 World Cup. It showed for sure who the winners were going into the 21st century. Also showed who would be the perennial choker, or second best.
It seemed like a prophecy was coming true as Australia kept its cool in a tense tie and then crushed Pakistan in a pretty one-sided final. That was the start of a run that would last almost a decade and take in three World Cups. The end hasn’t come yet.

The Prince Gets His Throne Back

Brian Lara Charles
First, he scored 277 in his fifth Test at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Second, he scored 375 against England at St. John’s, Antigua, in 1993-1994.
He will always be known for scoring 400 runs against England at St. John’s, Antigua, in 2004.
When Zimbabwe was bowled out for 380 by Matthew Hayden, the whole world went crazy. On the other hand, I was not happy.
It’s a big deal to hold the world record for the highest score on the Test. It’s a matter of pride, prestige, and proof of class and temperament that can’t be denied, not just for the player but for the whole cricketing community he is a part of.
It doesn’t make sense to have such a bad record against a team like Zimbabwe. No offense to Hayden, but Lara’s beauty gives the record its own character.
The commentator said, “Probably the most important single in the history of the game” when he swung at Giles and hit a single to third base.
He couldn’t have said it better.

Best Moments in Cricket History
Brian Lara
Sourav Ganguly’s Shirt waving at Lords

In 2002, when India played England in the final of the Natwest Trophy, India had an impossible task. They had to score 326 runs in order to win, which seemed impossible since Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, and Rahul Dravid were not on the team. But they did win, so Ganguly took off his shirt and waved it from the balcony of the Lord’s dressing room. Some people in India, which is very conservative, didn’t like this, but for others, it sent a strong message of hard work and success.

Best Moments in Cricket History
Sourav Ganguly | Shirt-Waving Celebration
Shoaib Akhtar-100 mph Barrier

Shoaib Akhtar, also known as the “Rawalpindi Express,” was a fast bowler from Pakistan. He was almost one-of-a-kind because he made raw speed work in a way that is rarely seen at the highest level of the game.
Shoaib Akhtar, a fast bowler from Pakistan, set a record for the fastest delivery in international cricket history on February 22, 2003, when he hit 161.3 km/h against England in Cape Town. This is still the fastest delivery in cricket history.
Nick Knight, a former England opener, was up to bat against Akhtar’s scary bowling. The speeds of the other five balls in that over were 153.3 kph, 158.4 kph, 158.5 kph, 157.4 kph, and 159.5 kph, with 158.06 kph being the average.
Akhtar was the first person to cross the 100 mph barrier.

Best Moments in Cricket History

The Ashes Bodyline Tour

The Ashes is always a big deal for England and Australia, but many people still remember the 1932-1933 tournament that took place in Australia. Due to the bodyline strategy used by the English team, this series was very controversial. This strategy helped the English win by a huge score of 4-1, but many people thought it was mean and unsportsmanlike.

These are my favorite. Please share your favorite moments.

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