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Justin Langer has strongly denied claims he is out of the Australian cricket team, insisting he is still in touch with most of the players.

After Langer’s controversial podcast as Australia coach earlier this week, the Test is back in the headlines ahead of the summer.

In it, he blamed sources who had accused the media of being cowards during his tenure and complained about the lack of honest feedback given by players.

His comments drew a backlash from Cricket Australia, with CEO Nick Hockley stepping in to defend the comments of both senior players and his organisation’s former coach.

Langer has been back on the front foot in the following days, clarifying that he spoke to Pat Cummins and other players before and after making his comments public.

The former opener’s exclusion from the Australian team is likely to dominate the headlines in the summer, with Langer set to make his commentary debut at seven.

But in a long column I wrote Western AustralianLanger claimed he was trying to water down the suggestions while adamant he was on good terms with his players.

Langer wrote, “This trash talk of my fight with the current team needs to stop. Simply because it’s not true.” “They are my friends, they are like my younger brothers. Anything to the contrary is wrong.

“For four years we drank, ate, celebrated, strategized and lived together. We fought ‘sandpapergate’ and Covid together and we won the T20 World Cup and the Ashes together.”

Langer said he was shocked by his comments on her. Back chat podcast, and he shared his quotes ahead of the release of Cummins, Aaron Finch and high performance manager Ben Oliver.

“For the record, I’m a huge Pat Cummins fan,” Langer wrote. “He is not only a brilliant cricketer but also a very good human being.

“Would I like him to publicly support me for the rest of his time as coach? Of course, I would. Who wouldn’t?”

In turn, Langer claimed he was desperate to move on from the February exit drama, when he was offered just a six-month extension by Cricket Australia.

And in doing so, he claimed the public should be among the West Australian crowd ahead of the first Test against the West Indies in Langer’s hometown of Perth.

“Was it always perfect? ​​No, it wasn’t? What business, what team is always perfect?” Langer said of his tenure. “I’ve never met a leader who is everybody’s cup of tea. Again, that’s life.

“And I accept that my four years with the team were coming to an end. It’s just a shame that it happened. But now, it’s time to move on.”

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