Australia v WI, 1st Test, 2022-23 – Marnes Labshagen

It’s rare for a Queenslander to love Perth as much as Marence Leboschgen does. But he continued his cherished relationship with the Western Australian capital and its state-of-the-art cricket stadium, scoring a stunning 154 not out on the first day of the first Test against the West Indies and with more promises to come.

“I love this location,” Labuschagne said. “I like playing in Perth because the conditions are similar to Brisbane. And I’ve had some good success in Brisbane so it’s nice to come to a ground where the wicket characteristics are very similar.”

After breaking his overseas century duck in Sri Lanka in their last Test match in Galle in July, Labshagen slipped easily into the rhythm of Test cricket in Australia.

He negotiated a tough morning session, releasing the ball well and absorbing the pressure as the West Indies pacers tested him on both the front and back foot. After struggling, he cashed in at the end of the day as the West Indies made a complete and utter mistake and he was able to take them on.

“Growing up playing at the Gabba a lot really helps because you know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel,” Labuschagne said. “So you know you have to work hard soon.

“You just let the ball go. You understand the game, the tempo isn’t as fast as other places. You’re not hitting as many balls. You’re letting a lot of balls go. So all those things really helped. And then after lunch and after tea to be able to come out and apply pressure, they tried to modify their shorter lengths and they tried to bowl a bit more fullness which gave us So create some more scoring options.”

Labuschagne’s innings was not without luck. He nicked twice through the slips, with Jason Holder failing to get a hand on one while the other went wide of Cordon at catchable height, and Craig Brathwaite on the knee of keeper Joshua Da Silva to head the ball at slip. Fell from above. He could have been caught in the deep at the end of the day with debutant Taginerain Chandrapal misjudging a flight into the shadows.

Luck aside, Leboschgen was happy to shake off some of the problems that plagued him at the end of last year’s Ashes series at home where England’s Mark Wood gave him some trouble getting out of the off-stump. It caused

“I definitely saw a lot of that from last summer,” Liebeschen said. “It feels good. I’ve definitely felt better. But it’s nice to get runs when you’re not feeling 100%. Definitely my stance is probably more off than I should have been. I think it was last summer.

“I’m probably not as tight as I was last summer. I feel like I’m a little more comfortable with my hands. So I think that helps me on that short ball and back foot punch. has been, so I don’t do that. Get really stuck in and then start kicking the ball away from my face.”

Labuschagne is loading up to add to his tally tomorrow with a second Test double century within reach.

“Whenever you are not out overnight at 150, the next stop is 200,” he said. “So it’s going to be tomorrow for me if I can stick to the process long enough. If I do, I’m sure I’ll get there. But put it out of your mind, you’ve got it. “To take him ball by ball and if 200 comes, that’s great, but more importantly, I’m just trying to score as many runs as possible in this first innings and put pressure on the West Indies.” “

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